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Post  Admin on Sat Mar 07, 2009 9:21 pm

This guild is dedicated to Lunia: Record of Lunia War. We are a fun, active, helpful, and friendly guild that consist of both PvP and stage members. The leader is me, YuKiOh (18 years old, male). I played during Alpha testing and have since stuck with Lunia. The guild has at least 12 members on all day, every day. We do an event at least once a week.

The events usually consist of PvP, Find-the-screenshot, stage racing, contribution race, fishing (who can catch the first rainbow or gold carp), and various other ideas that members come up with. We usually have a vote on which kind of event we are going to have.

The guild is approximately 80% staging and 20% PvP.

Guild square is 24. You can usually find one of us AFK fishing there.

We try to keep the member count to around 90 to help reduce guild lag. We don't want guild lag now do we? Jajajaja

I like to give the members of the guild a say in most matters. I don't like to be the all-powerful ruler. Democracy is more of my style. Smile

---Will update when I think of other things to add.

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