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Post  a lice on Mon Mar 07, 2011 11:10 pm

1) What is your character's IGN, class, and level?
Arayo, Dark Eir, 16, trying to level as fast/ as much as I can x.x
2) Why do you want to be in T0AST?
I've never been in a guild, and i'd like to experience the so called 'bonding' with the family c: and also I don't mind what guild i would join, I just want some people to talk to and make my lunia-experiences more "everlasting", atleast, in my head. x3
3) If you were in another guild, what made you leave? (this will help determine if our guild is for you!)
No guilds for me -yet :3
4) How often do you play Lunia?
I just started but i'm bound to probably be very active though i'm still getting my education. c[:

5) If you have any friends that would like to join T0AST please list their character(s) names. (optional)
Doo doo doo~ ...
6) If you don't mind, please list your first name or nickname so we will know what to call you on all of your characters. It makes it easier to keep the guild a welcoming and "family" environment. (optional)
Alice, but lice is fine [{: like.. lice in your head. LOOOL <-- Just lice [:
7) List anything we may find interesting that would help you become a member of our guild. (optional)
I like to laugh and be open to my surroundings. [{: if I bug someone, personality, or etc. I'm very accepting and i'm sure I can adapt to each person o.o hopefully............................... flower
a lice

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Post  a lice on Mon Mar 07, 2011 11:22 pm

oh i forgot, i also love eating toast with butter in the morning so when I was looking for guilds to join, the name caught my eye [{:
a lice

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